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Pakistan included Kashmir and Junagadh in the map of their country | New map published by Pakistan

A new map published by Pakistan 


Trickstar China and his close friend Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has unveiled a new map of his country where the Pakistani government has released all of the controversial parts of Kashmir as part of his country. The new map includes not only Kashmir but also Junagadh in Gujarat. Naturally, after the withdrawal of Article 370 from Kashmir by the Indian government, Pakistan became a little worried, after which the Indian government complained that Pakistan had not taken any legal aid to create this new map. , claiming that the new map was completely unfounded. Many people think that the new map of India and Pakistan is a sample of their bad deeds.

He told reporters after the cabinet meeting: "This is the first time that we have included Indian Kashmir on our map. The new map also enjoys the support of other Pakistani political parties, so we believe today is a day in Pakistani history. " Historic day. "

Pakistan's foreign minister said it was the first time that the situation in Pakistan was properly presented to the world. He also thanked the Prime Minister of Pakistan for issuing such a map. He also congratulated the Pakistani people.
After releasing such a controversial and illegal map of Pakistan, India's Foreign Ministry said that despite all the misconceptions Pakistan dreams of, this new map is a completely unrealistic idea that continues within the Pakistani government. is. According to the Indian government, Pakistan has released a new map without any legal basis or international recognition, which is completely unfounded. Pakistan's sole aim is to take over foreign lands by creating terrorism, and this is being proven again.

In fact, it has been of concern to the Pakistani government ever since the Indian government abolished Article 370 in Kashmir and turned the state into two Union Territories. Even earlier, after the repeal of Section 370 of the Indian Constitution, Imran Khan's comments on this issue were seen as cause for concern. Therefore, it may be nothing more than a ploy by the Pakistani government to keep the people of their country in the trust and confidence of the government.


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