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Us will still stand shoulder to shoulder with its friend India. Earlier within the day, u.s. held a series of joint meetings with the prime ministers of the 2 countries to indicate how strong the connection between the 2 countries has been. A top White House official has said that China contains a neighbour that's not safe at the instant, which u.s. won't sit down with China if it wants to harm that neighbour in any way.


The White House Chief of Staff has said that we won't allow China or the other country to indicate its power to rule the globe and can not allow that to happen. He added that u.s. is additionally an awfully powerful country. within the event of a conflict with the country, us won't hand over on greedy folks that are thinking of expanding their empire through a show of force.

Epidemic Corona first attacked China then spread from China to different countries of the planet. Don't let this epidemic put pressure on the massive countries of the planet. that countries like America, India, Italy, Brazil also trail huge problems. The financial situation of the countries is getting worse day by day. and also the responsibility for spreading this deadly virus later goes to China.

China encompasses a new decide to shoulder the responsibility for the virus. within the midst of all this, China is aiming to occupy India. China tried to occupy India by sending the Red Army through India's Ladakh border. But the brave army of India detained the Red Army team at the border. As a result, the armies of the 2 countries got involved in clashes. during this way, 20 soldiers of India were martyred. And after this incident, the large countries of the planet got angry against China. Strong countries like France, Russia and America stood by India.

Australia, once an honest friend of China, has also sided with India. India has said that France will help with warplanes like Raphael. Japan has also sided with India during this regard. The US has offered all possible help to India.

This time, the Trump administration goes to require the toughest steps on the China issue, that's what the White House indicated. during this regard, the US military has informed us that we are going to always be by the side of the Indian army to subdue China and that we will help the Indian army in every possible way. Trump has repeatedly accused u.s. of spreading the virus without informing China and destroying their country. That's why Trump goes to require big steps to place pressure on China. Trump himself will make all the selections during this regard, said Kelly McKenney, the White House news secretary.


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