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Pakistan included Kashmir and Junagadh in the map of their country | New map published by Pakistan

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TikTok : After India, USA ban Chinese apps | USA looking ban TikTok? | TikTok ban news 2020 - Trendings 24

The USA ban TikTok & many more Chinese apps like India


Day after day, China continues to point out its power. Because China knows that no country can catch them by the way they're advancing in terms of technology. Because no country within the world can walk on one foot without Chinese goods. and that is why China and its power is showing. But China doesn't know that other countries within the world and no but them. China's current strength is Chinese goods for little or no money and a couple of nations like Pakistan and Nepal are next to them. And it's with this power that China seeks to expand its dominance around the world.

Although India's relations with China are superb for several years, the bitterness between the 2 countries has been growing since Sikkim's Dokalam. Because China wanted to create a road to Pakistan rather than India but India didn't accept that provide. Because Pakistan's relationship with India isn't excellent. the most reason is Jammu and Kashmir. So India failed to want India to possess a communication system with Pakistan. that's why the Indian heroic army stopped the Chinese-made road add Doklama, Sikkim. Although Beijing wanted to debate the problem, India failed to agree. 


This incident reached a global organization. But the international organization says there's no dialogue between the 2 countries. Because it's a mutual opinion between the 2 countries. After that, a replacement virus started. The new coronavirus was first reported in China's Wuhan Province. And this deadly virus, corona, has such a terrible size that it spreads to any or all the countries of the planet in an immediate. And countries like Russia, Italy, India, America, Brazil are lagging behind for this virus. Death in America became Puri. All countries keep pointing fingers at China. But China has nothing to try and do with it. Instead, China tried to occupy India through Ladakh region within the midst of this corona.

Chinese troops were deployed at the Galwan base in Ladakh, and temporary tents were founded. Seeing this aggression of the Chinese army, India also started increasing its army. At just once there have been clashes between the armies of the 2 countries. that 20 soldiers including a colonel of India were martyred. And at that time there was extreme tension between the 2 countries. Both countries, including the military, still increase their warplanes and weapons. In all this, countries like America, France, Japan, Russia came and stood by India. India plans to beat China.


In India, it had been decided to shut Chinese apps with Chinese content. With TikTok, 59 apps were blocked from India. On the day of America's 200th July 4, the Prime Minister of India greeted all Americans in an exceeding tweet. Shortly afterwards, the Prime Minister of India retweeted the message and said, "Many due to India." We are on the side of India. Just some days later, US announced today that Tiktok would be finished off within us, keeping in mind the American public.


As soon as this news spread, the diplomatic community began to think that America was following the trail shown by India. Although US has said it's a private opinion on the matter.

TikTok Ban news 2020:-


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