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Oxford University in Britain has begun to shed light on the situation when RAW has laid its hands on the terrible corona around the world. The firepower discovered by Oxford has been successful in the first and second phases. The world is in a frenzy since this news broke on Monday. At the same time, there is hope in the minds of Indians. Raising that expectation, the Serum Institute of India said, "The Oxford Coroner's Antidote will be able to produce 300 to 400 million doses in December."


Institute Ceram Institute of India, a Pune-based pharmaceutical company, is developing DNA formulas based on the Oxford formula in India under an agreement with Oxford and AstroGena, said Adar Punawala, CEO of Seram Institute of India. Earlier, the third phase of this antidote in India would be 'trial human trials'. Apart from India, human body will be tested in many other countries. If he succeeds in that test, he will be able to produce the best antidote for coronary heart disease. '

Covishield is going to become the first Corona vaccine in India and Britain. According to Adar Punawala, most Indians will receive the Corona vaccine within the first three months of 2021. The cost of this vaccine in India can be around 1000 rupees. He said that human trials of Oxford were in the third phase. At the same time, he assured that success would be achieved at the same rate in the third phase, at the same rate in the first two phases.

Official updates of coronavirus by World Health Organisation:- CLICK HERE


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