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Search interest in George Floyd around the world

Clashes erupted between protesters in several cities across the United States over the killing of unarmed African-Americans by authorities in Minneapolis. The Minnesota governor said the tragedy of George Floyd's death in police custody was "something very different - irrational destruction." Violence was seen in New York, Atlanta, Portland and other cities, while the White House was briefly closed. 
A former Minneapolis police officer has been charged with murder. President Donald Trump described the incident as a "terrible, horrible thing" and said he had spoken to Mr Floyd's family, which he described as "horrible people".

The Floyd case revived American outrage at the killing of American blacks and reopened the deep wounds of racial discrimination across the state. It released neighbourhood guard George Zimmerman after the shooting of Travan Martin following the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and others after the Black Brown Lives movement began in 2002.



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