How to use Amazon Audible audio bookstores for free online? Tredings 24

 Recently Amazon launched its new free program Amazon Audible and Amazon Prime
memberships. Due to the corona pandemic, all people are staying in his home to prevent coronavirus.
That causes amazon to take some initiative to entertain the people. So, they are launching a new Amazon audible and Amazon prime program for everyone.

What is Amazon Audible?

Amazon audible is a new program that is introduced by Audible means audio I mean hearing. So in One term to hear something. We are living in a modern-day so we know that all things come to our hands online. Many people love to study books but they have less time or many disabled people love to gather knowledge from books that times Amazon audible comes to help them.

How Amazon Audible is working?

Basically, it is working as a Podcast system. I mean, if any person is travel that time he can gather any books knowledge via Hearing ( Podcast System).Its the help of all types of persons who are able or not able to study books.

Just visit AMAZON AUDIBLE website for SIGN UP.

after sign up just log in to the AMAZON AUDIBLE account.

Search your favorite books that you want to hear it.

take out your headphones/earphones and enjoy the book contents via podcasting.

How to use amazon audible audio bookstores for free online?

If you are New to Amazon Audible user that time amazon gives you 30 days free membership for access to all books.
If you are already an amazon prime member than amazon gives you 90 days free membership for access to all books.

Where can you listen to Audible audiobooks?

You can use amazon audible in your Mobile, Tablet, Pc. This app running on both Android and ios platforms. 

Languages in which you can listen to audiobooks?

In India, 200k audible are available for use. In India All official languages are available. like english, Hindi, Bengali etc.

Whats More In Amazon Audible?

Hear Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities narrate their favored testimonies, revel in complete-solid performances, find out Grammy® award-triumphing audiobooks, and extra. Listen for your audiobooks anytime, everywhere - at home or on the go along with Amazon Audible unfastened app. Even if you turn devices, you'll never lose your vicinity.


1. At first Download the free Audible app
2. Sign in with your Amazon account
3. Sign up for 30-day free* trial
4. Choose your favorite book to get started.
*For a monthly membership or subscriber plan customer, your first book is free.


- 30 days of membership free for new and old customers.
- after trial 1 credit of month, good for any book regardless of price
- Free welcome pack. A curated collection of stories and book excerpts to get you going
- Your own library to build. Even if you cancel, Keep your books forever.
- Exclusive, members-only savings. Get 30% off additional audiobooks
- Easy exchanges. Don’t love a book? Swap it for free, anytime. Serious.



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