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The term Free is an exciting word in our Life but we forget that in the real world there is no existence the so-called Trem FREE. But sometimes we found some free offers when we want to buy anything else like buying clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets, etc. Than Similarly when we want to create a website, that time we want to buy some affordable Domains like.Com, .Net, .Org many more. We know that some low-quality domains like .tk, .gq, etc were known as Free domain which is not recognized by TLD (Top Level Domain). but today I give you some exciting news .Com, .Net, .Org and many more Top-level domains you can buy within a minute. No extra charges are needed for a etc TLD domains in 2020.
In the 1st line, I say that there is no existence for free anything but modern-day some top-level companies doing loss-making business strategies for attracting customers into there websites. Which means they given something free regarding their promotions. Like, Sometimes Xiaomi.Com sell his products in Rs 1. or Less than $5 dollar. that types of companies doing lossmaking business strategies. They are doing only Promotions. Similarly, some websites are giving free domains name without any extra charges if you just subscribe or Purchase there Hosting plains which are less than $3 dollars.


 What is the meaning of .Com / .Net / .Org domains?

In conjunction with .Net and. Org,. Com is a number of the earliest extensions on the internet, and its founding father fame has aided its upward thrust into the maximum popular domain name in flow nowadays.

. Internet described is an abbreviation of the time period ‘network’ and changed into to start with supposed to embody businesses that have been worried in networking technology, however, these days acts as a universally functioning opportunity to. Com that corporations from all sectors are loose to faucet into.

. Org defined is an extension that was meant to apply for non-earnings companies, like schools and open-supply tasks, however, nowadays it has no regulations located upon its utilization and is loose to be picked up many site owners. This may pass a few manners to explaining why the 1990s saw much less that one million. Org websites balloon up to over 10 million by means of 2012.

. Com described, but, is the extension used by websites that exist for commercial purposes. So popular changed into the. Com area name that it spawned the ‘dot-com bubble’ of the past due 1990s that noticed groups dashing to exploit the top-level domain all through the fledgling days of the internet. With over 115 million. Com domain names active international, the suffixes dominance is apparent to peer. With an envisioned share of around 42% of all websites utilizing the. Com name, it’s clear to peer why the extension is so especially valued in digital real property. Now not best has 30 years within the limelight brought about. Com domains turning into tougher to set up, however being the most regarded extension on the net has created a considerable amount of demand for the call. As a method of lightening the. Com load, second-stage domain names had been brought, which create a good deal extra variety but frequently restrict organizations by place (as an example, . Co. United kingdom or . Ca. Gov). Again, the pinnacle-level. Com counters this and maximizes opportunities for on-line exposure

How to Get a Free.COM Domain Name:-

STEP #1 


The 1st thing is Visit Bluehost.Com Website.When you get here, you’ll see several different menu navigation options.

One of those menus says, “Domains.”

Do NOT go to the “Domains” page.

This is a common mistake. Since you’re looking for a domain name, this would seem like the logical place to get it. But if you take this route, you won’t get your domain for free.
Instead, click on the “Hosting” menu.

Bluehost provides 3 types of hostings plans. If you’re launching a new website from scratch, and you’re interested in a free domain name, shared hosting will be the best option for you. The other hosting types are more expensive and provide resources you likely won’t need right now.





I’ll give you a quick overview of the features and benefits of each plan to help you decide which one is the best for your website.
  • Host one website with 50 GB of storage
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Five parked domains and 25 subdomains
  • Host unlimited websites with unlimited storage
  • Unlimited domains, parked domains, and subdomains
  • Spam experts
  • Office 365 Mailbox free for 30 days
Choice Plus
  • Unlimited websites and unlimited storage
  • Domain Privacy and protection
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • Unlimited sites and storage
  • 2 Spam experts
  • High performance
  • Dedicated IP 

 STEP #3


Bluehost 3


From here, you’ll have three options:
  • Create a new domain
  • Use an existing domain (that you already own)
  • Create a domain later
If you already know what domain you want, go ahead and search for it in the box on the left side of the screen. Bluehost offers domains with different extensions, including:
  • .com
  • .online
  • .site
  • .webspace
  • .space
  • .tech
  • .store
  • .blog
  • .net
  • .org
  • .info
  • .co
  • .biz
  • .us
  • .club
In most instances, a .com domain will be the only one I recommend. There are two reasons why people consider an alternative domain extension; price and availability.
Getting a .site or .tech domain is cheaper than a .com extension. But in this case, you’re getting a year for free anyways. Price aside, .com domains will be better for the long term success of your website.
Once you’ve found a vacant .com name, you’ll be invited to sign up for an account and will be provided with the final quote for the level of coverage that’s provided by your hosts.
Here Bluehost offer plenty of flexibility. Users can choose a 12, 24, 36 or 60-month hosting subscription – as you’d expect, the longer the contract, the less the cost works out per month.
Bluehost also offers some handy optional extras, like privacy protection, which keeps your ownership information secret for the domain you purchase – if someone performs a reverse lookup for your site, the owner will be listed as Bluehost. There’s also SiteLock Security, which helps keep your content protected from malware and even a premium SEO tools add-on that ensures you have the best possible chance of optimising your conversion rates.
Of course, the setup fee and domain registration for your .com address are free through this method.


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